First Glimpse Of Uncontacted Amazon Tribe Shows They’re In Danger

When we hear about tribes, the first thought that comes in our mind is what their life would be like. Some spectacular and images new images give a glimpse of the life of Uncontacted Moxihatetema tribes in Brazil’s remote Yanomami indigenous territory. The aerial view shows the tribe people in a circular communal structure. The tribes are said to be in danger as the illegal mining in the area has threatened their survival. According to the Tribal advocates miners have brought food and water contaminated with mercury to the tribe. This could turn out to be dangerous for the tribe which seems have grown by two families from time it was last seen. Take a look at some of the incredible pictures of the tribe which is rare to see since they are always on the move : An aerial view of the Moxihatetema tribe in a unique circular structure of their own. The structure is known as ‘maloca’, the images were taken in Yanomami Reserve near the border with Venezuela. The healthy community had not been spotted for almost a year as they are continuous move over the rainforest. An Indigenous TerritoryThe Yanomami Indigenous Territory was established in the year 1992 by the Brazilian government. There were several steps taken to get rid illegal miners from these areas. However many illegal miner are still believed to be operating in the territory. The PopulationThe Moxihatetema tribe has about 100 people and is said to have grown by two families. The images reveal two additional thatched roofs added to the circular house of the community. This is a good sign as it indicates that the tribe has not got impacted by any outer world diseases. They Resist contact From Outer WorldEarlier there were attempts made to contact the tribe, but they resisted it and thus they are being monitored by air only. While the tribe is safe from diseases, there is fear that these tribes can be affected by the illegal miners. Campaigners Want Safety of tribesAccording to campaigners they want safety of tribes, and they are spear heading international efforts to protect the Amazon’s tribe. Apart from threats of violence, water and food contamination with mercury is another cause of concern. A spokesperson said “Uncontacted tribes like Moxihatetema are extremely vulnerable. The fact that they are near gold mining operations puts them enormous risks. It’s a constitutional duty of Brazilian Government to protect them.”

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