23 Dangerous Roads That You Should Avoid At All Costs

Some people consider driving down the freeway a dangerous Roads to be. Those people ave not seen the roads we are about to show you on this list. These are some of the most dangerous roads to drive through in the world. A wise man would say you should avoid these roads at all cost. However, if you feel like living a little it might be worth checking these roads out.

The Stelvio Pass

Dangerous Roads

Beware these roads as whoever designed them must be as crazy as a loon. Our first road from hell is called The Stelvio Pass, which is located in the Italian Alps. This right here is the second highest pass in the Alps. Considering this fact, you would think they would have made it easier to drive. Either way you are heading it is not a safe road to be on.

The Trans Siberian Highway

Dangerous Roads

Now if you are looking for adventure and are not driving with kids in the car, take this road. This is the Trans Siberian Highway which connects Vladivostok and St. Petersburg. When you drive this road you encounter it all; deserts, swamps, deserts and wild animals. It is one of the most unpredictable roads in the world.

Highway One In Mexico

Dangerous Roads

Looking for a winding adventure south of the Border? Tree Mexico’s highway one which starts in Tijuana. The most difficult stretch is at the start when you head from Tijuana to Ensenada. If you have a few tequilas before you hit the road then you are going to have real trouble.

Cotopaxi Volcano Road

Dangerous Roads

The Cotopaxi Volcano Road just straight up sounds dangers and it should not be a surprise that it is one of the world’s most dangerous. The road is located in Ecuador in the Latacunga Canyon. Despite being such a windy road people drive fast on it. No matter what speed you are going, you are up for a dangerous ride.

The Patiopoulo-Perdikaki Road

Dangerous Roads

The Patiopoulo-Perdikaki Road deserves to be on the list, no question. The road is 23.5 km of straight terror. It is a beautiful road but do not take your eyes off the road or you might find yourself quickly off of it. The road in north Greece as more twist and turns than a Hot Wheels set.

The Pan American Highway

The Pan American Highway is one the most famous roads but also one of the most dangerous. With it being the world’s longest memorable road, there are some spots of it that are more dangerous than others and for different reasons. One can ride from Alaska all the way to Argentina. There of course been many fatalities on this road.

The Infamous A44

The A44 has become quite infamous due to its treachery. Though not technically a highway it still makes the list due to its danger. The British try to avoid this stretch but some have to commute on it every day. This stretch of road has seen more head on collisions than any other road in the UK.

The Sichuan-Tibet Highway

If you want to play a road trip then forget the U.S. Route 66, come to China. The Sichuan-Tibet Highway takes about 15 full days to drive. If you want a little more adventure than it is the trip for you as landslides are common. It is also a pretty drive, crossing many well-known rivers.

The A682 Road

We have another “A” road, which means we are back in the UK. Once again the United Kingdom makes the list with the A682. This 14-mile stretch of road is well known to the Brits for being dangerous. Over 100 people have died on this road in the last ten years.

The A726 Road

Once more, the UK makes the list with the A726. This road here is in Scotland and has become world renowned for the danger it produces. There are many reasons why it is so dangerous from the roads disrepair, twistiness, and the amount of traffic it sees. Some are fighting to make it safe, arguing that it must see slower speed limits.

Highway 431, Alabama

The US now makes the list with the next road. It is called Highway 431 but has since been nicknamed the “Highway to Hell” due to the amount of accidents it caused. People believe it is one of the most dangerous in the world and causes the 4th most amount of deaths compared to any other road in America. It is said its main problems are poor visibility and lanes that reduce without any warning.

The Barton Highway

Now we must go “down under” for our next dangerous road. The Barton Highway is considered to be Australia’s most dangerous road and one of the deadliest in the world. Anyone from the area will not be surprised by its placement on the list. Its main issue seems to be to lack of safety barriers.

The Halsema Highway

Many roads in the Philippines could easily make the list, especially when compared to all roads around the world. The Halsema Highway is particularly bad and considered to be very dangerous. Even the most skilled drivers try to avoid this one. This road reaches 7400 feet above sea level so riding on this broken down highway could be fatal.

The Luxor-al-Hurghada Road

With all the other roads mentioned so far it is an accident you have to worry about, this next road is dangerous for other reasons. One trip down the Luxo-al-Hurghada Road and it feels like you are in the old west. The desert road itself is not so dangerous itself; it is what you find on the road. Bandits and thieves cover this 299 mile stretch.

Fairy Meadows, Pakistan

Pakistan is not the top pick of countries to visit for most people for many reasons, but if you do end up there avoid this next road. Fairy Meadows sounds pleasant enough but do not let the name fool you. The road should be avoided at all costs as the gravel road is not maintained at all. Many people have driven off the road to their deaths.

Skippers Canyon Road

Now we head to New Zealand for our next highway. New Zealand is considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world so naturally even their deadly roads are beautiful too. But if you drive on this highway keep your eyes off the scenery. This 16.5 miles stretch is infamous with its very narrow roads and lose gravel.

The Guoliang Tunnel Road

China makes the list again with the Guoliang Tunnel road. The Guoliang Tunnel road is famous for hosting one of the largest runnels in the world but it is also famous for another reason; being incredibly dangerous. The most skilled drives go out of their way to try this road only to find themselves scared for their lives as they look out past the cliffs that host no railings. Once a popular tourist attraction now only the bravest tourist drive the road to its end.

The Taroko Gorge Road

The Taroko Gorge Road is another road known for its danger as well as beauty. It is a mountain route that was created by carving out rocks. Its name is misleading, as it is very narrow and winding. Despite the danger it brings it is considered an engineering masterpiece.

One look at this photograph and you might do a double take. As dangerous as it is strange, this road is not something you see every day. We imagine the architecture must have been drunk. Nevertheless commuters hit this curved highway every day.

This looks like an ad for the children’s toy, power wheels. Or as if it’s in a cartoon. How can individuals drive across a tree log. There are so many factors that make this unsafe. The strength of the tree, what if is beginning to wilt. Best to not even attempt to cross it. Now I do not know if this road has an official name but we had to include it on the list. It looks like someone here improvised. This must be somewhere in the deep jungles of Burma. I do not think many commuters drive on this “highway.”

Here is another dashboard view of another dangerous road. Like other roads mentioned earlier, this is a mountain highway. Carved through the mountainside, this road takes you on a windy road. Many hazards are at hand on a highway like this. Hopefully you’re not claustrophobic. I even get a little nervous when driving under a freeway and it has a major clearance for cars. Any wrong move in this tunnel could cause the whole thing to collapse. Let’s just hope you’re not in it.

Sometimes when you build such a narrow road, traffic builds. Even when you have a highway miles from civilization the cars do pile up. I imagine the dangerous roadway is the least of everyone’s worries now. I don’t know if this road is exactly drivable. From the amount of individuals on the street and packed with cars makes this not an ideal situation. Not to mention the ‘cliff hangers’ and lack of safety barriers which put this one on the list.

Dangerous Roads

Now this highway probably is ok to drive on when the conditions are right. When it is stormy it is probably best to find another route. Perhaps the worst that could happen is your car gets wet. But who knows, with a strong enough wave you could be wiped out to sea. This is another ride from a water park. The obscene twist and twirls of this road is extreme. The water break also isn’t safe. It could cause major damage to the bridge causing rust or causing the barriers to break.

Dangerous Roads

Now this highway here looks like something out of dream. Of course in dreams you don’t have to worry about driving right off the road. Despite the lack of rails, this is a road worth taking. Just make sure all the beauty does not distract you as you navigate. Sometimes being surrounded by beauty isn’t enough. The twist and turns of this road makes this less ideal. The only way to feel safe is to not go on it.

Dangerous Roads

Now this is not a scene from an Indiana Jones film, this is a bridge in the real world. Most likely from a third world country, this is a shortcut I would avoid. I can’t imagine even this truck here made it. I would say this road needs some work done soon. Even if I were being chased by zombies from The Walking Dead, I’d consider alternatives to crossing this bridge. It’s literally barely hanging there. The bravest of the brave could try to cross this bridge.

Dangerous Roads

Here is another perfectly good highway depending on the conditions. At this point in time, I would not veer across this highway. The waves hit the road pretty hard and I don’t know if a car windshield could withstand the blow. I would wait until the storm passes before I drove any further.

Dangerous Roads

Now at this distance it looks like a level from Mario Brothers. But this is actually a road, and a lovely one at that. While not too treacherous or bumpy, it does look a little narrow. The beautiful water is distracting and could present a danger as well. Just keep your eyes on the road and all will be fine. This road belongs on a postcard! Although it appears to be pure serenity and beautiful this road, not so much. There is a reason that no one is on this road. It is simply not safe.

Dangerous Roads

Here is another mountainside road and another opportunity for brave men to confront death. Even the best drivers on the world would have a hard time tackling this one, imagine just being a dude transporting some goods from one village to the next while hung-over. Now if the road isn’t dangerous enough here are some pesky sheep to serve as an obstacle. Sorry sheep, but if I was driving I would plow right through you if it meant my life. This picture terrifies me and I’m at a complete loss for words. There is so much happening with this picture. No safety barrier, cliffs, congestion is not for the best. At any moment you could plummet to your death.There is so much happening with this picture

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