The Laziest People To Ever Walk The Planet

All Of The Lights
I’m not saying that this guy has a “passion for flashin’”, I’m just saying that he should probably quit being a cheap bastard and get his headlight fixed before he gets a ticket that’s worth more than the cost of getting it fixed.

After All This Time
Clearly this photo was taken some years ago. However, I’m guessing that if you cut forward to present day, this guy is still in the same exact position except the monitors have been updated.

There’s Very Little Time
Seriously though, can you really blame this person? I mean, who actually has time to take the sticker off of an apple just so they can eat the damn thing?

Kickin’ Back
To be fair to this guy, he has probably been here a while and let’s be honest, we’re glad he is here because we’re not. I guess it’s just that if it were my house, perhaps I’d be a little worried it wasn’t being given the attention I feel it deserves.

For The Future
This is entirely part of an overall plan in which they get enough empty toilet rolls to build an incredible fortress. Or perhaps a cardboard robot. The possibilities are almost endless.

A Little Ironic, Perhaps?
At first glance, this may look like the height of laziness and perhaps the most poorly placed escalator in the world. However, when you consider that there may be people who go to this gym for purposes of rehabilitation (you know, maybe they can’t actually climb stairs), it’s the two lazy guys in the image who clearly don’t fit in to that category that we’re directing our shame at here.

The Early Days
These days, you’ve got those thing that fit over your ear so that you can type at the same time as you have a phone conversation. This is simply a photo from the days when that wasn’t an option. This guy is a pioneering genius. Probably.

Smoke ‘Em If Ya Got ‘Em
Here’s a guy who doesn’t want to have to earn his lung cancer.

Any Excuse
I can’t help but think that this guy is not so much lazy as he simply wants any excuse whatsoever to ride his bike – even if it’s slightly dangerous.

Then, There’s This Guy…
Then, along comes this guy who, it must be said, isn’t using this as an excuse to drive his car. He’s just obscenely lazy. So much so that if things don’t go according to plan, he just might end up with a broken arm.

A Tale Of Too Many Wheels
Does anybody else feel like there are too many wheels in this image for this to be safe?

Just A Doorstopping Doorstop
It’s called a “doorstop” and it appears to be stopping a door. Any questions?


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